Ankuoo NEO Smart Plug User Manual: Illustrated Guide

Ankuoo NEO Smart Plug User Manual

Ankuoo NEO Smart Plug, Wi-Fi, White

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  • Make sure your router Is configured to 2.4G, and your smartphone Is connected to this 2.4G network.
  • Make sure the electronic device shown on your IOS/Androld NEO app Is the one plugged Into the NEO Switch
  • Make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi signal at the NEO Switch
  • The sync and all operations of NEO Wi-Fi Switch are only possible via a Wi-Fi network connected to the internet.
  • NEO Switch needs to be setup again when the SSID or password is changed.
  • No need to setup the NEO Switch again when you turn it off or unplug it from one socket and plug it into another socket.
  • NEO Switch will a ppear on all iOS/Android devices with NEO app installed and in the same Wi-Fi network.
  • The clock of NEO Switch is synchronized to the cloud sen/er; not your local iOS/Android device. So1 -2 minutes delay is perfectly normal.
  • NEO Switch has to be synchronized again after the firmware is updated (automatically or manually).

1. Configure NEO on your smartphone


Scan the QR code to download NEO app at App Store or Google Play or Download NEO app at App Store or Google Play. You can also search keyword “ANKUOO” at App Store or Google Play to download NEO app.

2. Connect your smart device to local Wi-Fi network and launch NEO app. Find “add new device “in the menu.







3. Plug NEO Switch into a power outlet, then press ON/OFF button for 5 seconds and release it The Wi-Fi indicator light will flash quickly. NEO Switch is now ready for synchronization.
Hard Reset: This procedure allows you to do a hard reset directly from your NEO.

4. Make sure your smart device and NEO Switch are in the same Wi-Fi network. The connecting process takes about 15-120 seconds, depending on your network condition and the length of Wi-Fi password.


When configuration is done; the NEO Switch                      Click the icon to enter detailed setting page

will be shown on the NEO app. You can                               for the device,

change the ON/OFF state at the homepage.

6. NEO comes with three timer setting modes. You can set them at anywhere with an internet connection using your NEO app.

Countdown Timer

Turn on/off device plugged into NEO Switch by the time assigned.

Schedule Timer

Perform the same routine operation at the same time in a week for your home appliances.

Anti-theft Timer

Guard your house by randomly turning on/off the tamp plugged into NEO Switch. You choose the time frame and number of slots in this certain period. The Anti-theft Timer splits the period into time slots and picks “on time” and “off time” in each time slot randomly.

When Anti-theft timer is activated, the other two timers wilt be deactivated.

Ankuoo NEO Smart Plug, Wi-Fi, White

Free shipping
Last update was on: March 22, 2019 5:25 am
in stock
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