Moonrays Solar Lights User Manual

Moonrays Solar Lights User Manual


During the day, the solar panel collects sunlight and converts it into electrical power stored in the rechargeable battery(ies) included. At night, the solar panel, sensing the absence of light, turns on the solar garden accent light using the electricity stored during the day. The more sunlight the fixture gets, the stronger the charge will be and the longer your fixture will illuminate at night.

All Moonrays® solar garden lights utilize LED (light emitting diode) technology to provide light. A LED is a highly efficient source of light compared to other types of bulbs and they do not need to be replaced. On average, a LED will last approximately 100,000 hours or more.

Moonrays 91515 Solar-Powered Turtles LED Light


1. Install in a location that gets a full day of direct sunlight. Do not install in a shady area.
2. The fixture should receive a minimum of 8 hours of sunlight per day for optimal performance at night.
3. Be sure that the location is not near nighttime light sources such as street lights or porch lights. These light sources may cause the solar panel to turn the fixture off.
4. Solar fixtures work independently of each other and there is no wiring necessary. They may be installed as far apart as needed.


1. Remove all contents from box.
2. Many fixtures will ship with a thin protective film over the solar panels. Gently remove film from the panel.
3. Each fixture has an ON/OFF or AUTO/OFF switch, OR a PULL TAB. Before installing, slide or press switch located on the bottom or the top of the fixture to the ON or AUTO position OR remove the pull tab completely.
4. Assemble all parts (if required) and place the fixture in chosen location.


If your solar garden light does not turn on at night, it may be caused by one of the following conditions:

1. Batteries not fully charged: Make sure the fixture is placed in an area where the solar panel gets the maximum amount of full, direct sunlight everyday. If the solar panel does not receive enough sunlight during the day (e.g. due to cloudy or overcast weather conditions), it will be recharged on the next sunny day and resume operation.

2. Other light sources: If your solar garden light is located too close to street lights, porch lights or other lights, the solar panel may turn off the fixture. Relocate the fixture or eliminate those other light sources.

3. Not enough direct sunlight: Ensure that the fixtures are not installed in a shady area, for example, in the shadow of a tree or a house. If necessary, move the fixtures to an area that gets full direct sunlight.

4. Battery(ies) may need to be replaced: Always replace with new rechargeable batteries with similar rating and type that shipped with the original fixture.

Do not use non-rechargeable batteries. For best results, use Moonrays® replacement batteries.

5. Switch is not in ON or AUTO position: Slide or press switch in a dark room. The light(s) should come on when the switch is in the ON or AUTO position.


1. Remove all the screws that secure the cover to the battery compartment located on the bottom or top of the fixture. Open the compartment. Remove the rubber gasket that is in between the battery compartment and the cover (if provided).
2. Remove old battery(ies) and replace with new one(s) using similar rating and type that shipped with the original fixture. Make sure to install the battery(ies) matching the correct polarity (+/-).
3. Replace the cover and secure the screws. Make sure the rubber gasket (if provided) between the battery compartment and the cover is put back in place correctly when re-assembling.

Caution: Always dispose of recyclable batteries at a proper battery disposal facility. Do not dispose in fire or attempt to open sealed batteries. Use only the similar rating and type that shipped with the original fixture. Do not mix old and new batteries.

To help improve the electrical conductivity of the battery(ies), periodically open the battery cover and with the battery(ies) in its compartment, rotate (about 5 complete spins) with your fingers.

If you have questions about your Moonrays fixture or need to contact our customer service team, please visit our website at:

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