ExpiredXiaomi Countertop RO Water Purifier [Banggood Coupon Inside]

$377.99 $699.99
Xiaomi Countertop RO Water Purifier [Banggood Coupon Inside]
Xiaomi Countertop RO Water Purifier [Banggood Coupon Inside]
$377.99 $699.99

Xiaomi Countertop RO Water Purifier

We offer 46% off Banggood Coupon discount code for Xiaomi Countertop RO Water Purifier 400G Membrane Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System Technology Kitchen Type Household. This Banggood coupon code valid for China Warehouse. Discount applies at checkout and valid through February 28, 2019. or 500 times . Although some coupons are finished before end date But, some still work. We recommend you try out the expired coupons.

46% off Xiaomi Countertop RO Water Purifier Banggood Coupon Promo Code

  • Product : Xiaomi Countertop RO Water Purifier 400G Membrane Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System Technology Kitchen Type Household
  • Coupon Price: $377.99
  • Banggood Price : $699.99
  • Your Save : $322.00
  • Coupon Valid for : All users

400 gallons of large flow, pure water more.

  • RO reverse osmosis technology
  • Ratio 1: 1
  • Packaging drinking water purification standards
  • Independent changer
  • Intelligent management
  • Real-time detection


Tap water may contain these substances

  • Serious scale
  • Have a baby
  • Water pollution
  • Water smell
  • Old pipe
  • Have elderly people
  • Heavy metal
  • Water is turbid

Has a RO reverse osmosis water purification machine!

0.0001 um Filtration accuracy
400 GPD Diaphragm

Pure water more 10% more than the previous generation

In order to make pure water out of the water faster, and reduce wastewater generation, through the optimization of filter structure, material and increase the flushing function to improve the water output speed, pure water faster, the initial flow rate can reach 1. 1 L / min.

Four filters

Depth of four purification, removal of water rust, scale, heavy metals, bacteria, antibiotics and bad smell

High-quality PP cotton filter

Hot melt multi-nozzle spinning molding process Filter out sediment particles, rust and so on. PP cotton filter using hot melt multi-nozzle spinning process, to optimize the team members of the particles of water pollution, can cope with more complex water envi-

Tap into the water purifier, the first through the non-toxic and tasteless PP cotton filter composed of water pretreatment. Can filter out the sedi-
ment in the pipeline rust and other large impurities, the monkey rush travel protection.

Intercept 5 microns or more large particles

  • Sediment
  • Rust
  • Red worm
  • Hair
  • Fiber

Imported activated carbon filter

Absorption of odor, color and so on Remove the large particles in the water, the pre-activated carbon filter began to deal with chemicals in the water, the surface has numerous tiny holes that can absorb water odor, color and residual chlorine from the water, some of the harmful organic matter
have been removed.

Activated carbon area has 21 large football field! In order to enhance the activity of carbon particles, pre-activated carbon filter with a spring-like design to enhance the raw water odor, residual chlorine and some organic adsorption efficiency to enhance the removal of heavy metal lead.

Common coal carbon

Small surface area, weak adsorption capacity

xiaomi carbon filter

Increase the adsorption area, increase the adsorption capacity

Enhance activated carbon

Increase the antimicrobial material, enhance antibacterial ability, inhibit bacterial growth

RO reverse osmosis filter

United States Dow / GE Using reverse osmosis membrane Innovative water flow technology

RO reverse osmosis filtration is the key to water purification, purification quality depends on the quality of RO membrane filter and filter technology. xiaomi water purifier selection of reverse osmosis membrane, worry about purification capacity of 95%.

In order to enhance the purification speed and increase the water production capacity, we adopt the mortar reverse osmosis membrane and innovate the water circulation technology to ensure the filtration speed is balanced and stable.

400 gallons of large flow multi-film technology

The traditional RO reverse osmosis water purifier uses a 50 gallon flow filter, the flow rate of only 0. IL / min, the flow rate is very slow. In order to effectively solve the problem of water flow, we have xiaomi water purifier equipped with 400 gallons of high-flow RO membrane, this film is 4 times the normal, and in order to improve water filtration, the use of multi-page film, the benefits of doing so net There are multiple waterways
through the water, greatly improving the filtration effect of pure water.

Rear activated carbon filter To further improve the taste

Rear activated carbon filter, with the same level 2 filter imported activated carbon filter, at the same time using the spring design, full cleaning, further purification of residual odor in water and improve the taste, pure water at the entrance, even more sweet and delicious.

Purified water to meet the assembly water standards xiaomi water purifier water quality standards, through the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention xiaomi water purifier water quality testing. Among them, bacteria, heavy metals, inorganic substances such as a number of take-out rate above the standard.

Table design, compact and simple

Millet water purification through design and structural optimization of more than 90% of innovative components, greatly reducing the millet water purifier covers an area of less than an A4 paper machine size. Small product removed from the box, placed on the table, connect the link power, and link the original tap to use.

Waterproof touch control faucet double outlet design

Millet stopwatch comes with a sophisticated touch control faucet, he will be linked to the original home faucet, you can get started, touch-type operation, click to switch the water purifier output water purification. Sealed design, with IPX6 life waterproof grade, the button uses LED light, but also reflect the pure water quality. Pure water shows the blue light, orange said pure water TDS

High-precision water probe

Internal 2 TDS water probe, the selection of highly corrosion-resistant titanium materials, to ensure long-term monitoring accuracy.

Over-temperature protection

Built-in over-temperature protection, when it is found that more than 40 oc water through the automatic switching waterway to protect the filter and water- way system from damage.

Instant start technology

Built-in high-precision water flow sensor found water after a few years to start water purification program. Sensitivity higher than 0.5L / min.

No water tank Avoid secondary pollution

Traditional reverse osmosis water purifier, the use of water storage tank to solve the problem of water flow, due to the long-term use of bacteria can
not be easily cleaned, causing secondary pollution of water, water quality is lower than the health and safety requirements.

Engineers improve the flow rate by improving the reverse osmosis membrane and booster pump, eventually reaching 400 gallons of large flow rate, purification faster than the common water purifier, as to eliminate the secondary pollution of the storage tank, and ultimately ensure that you drink every drop of water are clean

Independent innovation of integrated waterway Pressure water watertight

Traditional water purifier high risk, the need for more than 40 pipe fittings form a waterway system, the more the connection point, the higher the risk of water leakage, in order to reduce the connecting components, through more than 300 design optimization and fluid simulation, and ultimately
with a self-developed Instead of a three-dimensional integrated waterway, there is no connection point inside the waterway, but it accommodates 4 layers of 1 1 cubic water ways in 5 directions. This not only makes full use of every inch of internal space, but also reduces the volume of the
water purifier.

Independent installation

People because the water purifier installation is too much trouble, not to install, millet water purifier to provide a simple installation. Do not need to change the waterway and lines at home, but also do not need to puncture the original decoration, remove from the box, the water purifier placed on the table, connected to the power supply, and link the original tap can be used .

Concentrated water Ming tube design Convenient collection and recycling

RO reverse osmosis technology, in the purification process requires water to reverse the surface of the reverse osmosis membrane to prevent the filter material plugging the surface, which is the RO reverse osmosis technology will drain concentrated water reasons. In order to improve this situation, millet water purifier has been optimized RO membrane and watenway system to improve water production rate, and in order to facilitate the recycling of concentrated water, the use of desktop Mingguan design, compared to the traditional direct drained design, more energy saving and environmental protection Concentrated water to remove sediment and other particles, can be used to water, mopping, washing clothes, etc., not

Quickly connected filter screw to replace

Millet water purifier (enhanced version) for the filter does not require professional tools to remove the shell, just gently unscrew it.

13 full-pipe anti-blocking design Extend machine life

Tap water will inevitably have sediment, rust, wire and other particulate impurities, the more small impurities more likely to cause damage to the water purifier components. Millet water purifier in the key parts before the increase of 13 anti-blocking design, layers of protection to prevent damage caused by fine particles of the machine parts, a comprehensive guarantee system stability, effectively extending the life of water purifier.

4 filter, RO reverse osmosis

  • High-quality PP cotton filter – Filter life: 3 to 6 months
  • Pre-activated carbon filter – Filter life: 6 to 12 months
  • Reverse osmosis filter – Filter life: 18 4 months
  • Rear activated carbon filter – Filter life: 6 to 12 months
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